Thursday, 23 November 2017

San Antonio and The Alamo

The Alamo was the last military outpost for the American's. They had taken some of mexico as Texas  and this is where it was protected. The Mexicans wanted it back . They marched on the Alamo which was protected with only 200 men, but determined men. The last words of the Americans including David Crocket  and James Bowie were " Come and Take it" . The Alamo was taken and all the men except one slave were killed. They said they left him to tell the story. All the women and children were released. 

Later in Houston the Americans attacked the Mexicans again and re took the Alamo which has now grown to become San- Antonio. The now famous words were the battle cry for the Americans "Remember the Alamo " The Mexican general and the soldiers were killed and the Lone Star state, Texas, is now a state of the United States.

The Chappel 

The Barracks

Waco and Magnolia Silos

Have you ever seen the "Fixer Upper " its a home reno show hosted by Chip and Joanna Gains.  This is their shop and community area in Waco, Texas. They took an industrial wasteland in Waco and made it a place for them and their community.

It is surrounded by gardens 

By night 
I'm sure Kerry loved this place more than anyone.
Sharon, Kerry and I
The home shop.. so much Christmas
This fake turf area is a place to relax and for kids to play 
 The girls on the tour Left Sue,Faye,Anne,Christine,Janine,Sue,Kylie,DI, Jenny


The Waco bridge and tadium by night 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Beautiful Kent County , Ohio

More of Ohio and Amish Country.

The story of my Amish quilt.

When I decided to go on this trip I also decided I would bring home an Amish quilt. The one I chose may not be the traditional Amish quilt but as the Netty says things have changed, colours and styles.
It has definitely been lovingly made by a group of Amish women in the county of Kent in the town of Berlin, Ohio.

In this house my quilt was born .( Alma's House)

 On this old sewing machine my quilt was pieced.

By this lovely lady, Alma Troyer.

This is my king size quilt , it was  hand quilted by Sarah Miller and the ladies who work with her to hand quilt .

Alma says this is one of her favourite quilts to piece.

Meet Netty ,each lady seems to have their own quilting motif so you know who has done the quilting.
Netty quilting a quilt for someone. The Amish ladies can make themselves money through quilts , quilting and quilt tops.

Quilting is a job shared 

Admiring Netty's work 

This quilt is so 3D 

Jenny ans Sue are studying this quilt
Di bought this quilt top 
More of Netty's quilts.

Hang your quilt tops what a good idea.