Friday, 23 June 2017


Last weekend a few of us spent the weekend at Stacey's at The Gap near Warwick . Such a wide variety of projects were under construction.

Sandy from Shiralee Stitches was working on the quilt above one. Check out her website if you like it.   
Sheena was working on this quilt. 
Di Storck was working on this amazing one from Java House Quilts and Karen Brow
This little beauty is another one of Sandy's from Shiralee Stitches. Sandy sells the curved rulers that help create  this cheats version of double wedding rings. Check out her web site.

I was working on my Foxly Village quilt I post some photos soon.

We had a great weekend.

Monday, 5 June 2017

A Weekend with Shiralee Stitches

On the weekend we were lucky enough to have a workshop with Sandy Cousins from "Shiralee Stitches". Sandy specialises in English paper piecing and has designed several quilts herself.  Our group enjoyed the weekend.

Ready to Go

Project 1 - A clam shell cushion

Project 2   - a small project bag 

Project 2 - a small project bag with a clip top 

Shop Tables

"Old Time Kaleidoscope" designed by Sandy Cousins of "Shiralee Stitches"


working hard 

Learning how to do clam shells

                                                       What a fun day 
 In the background another quilt designed by Sandy -  Norfolk 

Lots more to go before I am finished 
You can contact Sandy at