Monday, 21 August 2017


Queensland silver wattle 

Golden WattleAcacia Pycnantha. (plant family: Mimosaceae). Floral Emblem of Australia
On the Goondiwindi to Millmeran  road on the  the Gore Highway . The wattle grows madly between late July and  late September

Look out Chickens here Come the Kids

We had a big family weekend. My niece was engaged. All the big cousins and little cousins visited and camped on our block . The kids had a ball driving in the buggy and checking out the chooks. 15 little ones oldest 8 youngest 4 months.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Lovely Weekend with Friends Fires and Drinks

Our very dear friends from Brisbane came out for their country visit. We ate and drank far too much but what a nice night. The pizza oven was baking, the outdoor fire  smoldering and even the inside fire place was alight for later. It was lovely and cold .  Sadly that may be it , the forecast is for 33 C next week ... could be swimming in winter? I did finish another Lucy block last night but no photos.sorry.